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This time for sure!

Good-bye, LiveJournal. It has been fun, but I am finished with you. I have transferred the majority of my posts1 to WordPress and from now on, you can see any new posts from me at my new blog.

I will keep this blog open. To comment on my friends' posts and as a pointer to the new blog, but that's it. So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Adieu.2

[1] Interestingly, I had trouble moving my most recent posts there. I have successfully moved every public post before October 20th, 2010. The few posts since then were not really important ... not that most of the ones since then were, either.

[2] I was extremely close to writing "Amen" instead. The final episode of M*A*S*H* rather than a Sound of Music reference.

Todd Explains Television

My friend and coworker Todd explains the differences between the new and old Cosmos.

Originally posted by beamjockey at Todd Explains Television
The new version of Cosmos, Todd Johnson explained tonight, differs from Carl Sagan's series.

"But," he added, "they are set in the same universe."

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, skattenstar
You are niftiness incarnate!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday rosamund 1 I hope that you are having a fantastic day!

Lured by awesomeness

Happy birthday rosamund ! Only your awesomeness could bring me back. :-)

le sigh

I have to admit, I miss having the time to post here. And the time to read my friends'posts.

Ingredients for a good birthday ...

People ask what I did for my birthday. They ask if I did anything special and expect to hear that I had adventures or went dancing in exotic locales or even spent it at wildly amazing parties.

not even closeCollapse )

No, it was not the most exciting birthday, but it was good. And if good health, good friends, a good job, a roof over my head, a comfortable bed, delicious food, and a loving family are not enough for me ... then perhaps I need to re-think my priorities.
Really lonely at the moment. I figure that it is just a side effect of: 1) lack of New Year's Eve festivities and 2) this was the last night with my crew.

I will be fine. I just wish that there was someone to talk to. Oh well. It's late. I'll just go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. And I can find ways to have fun when I wake up.

Good-bye Yellow Brick Road

Shamelessly stolen from lareinenoire :

end of the year memeCollapse )

I hope that everyone will have an amazing 2011. If your 2010 was great, I hope that the trend will continue through next year. If it was not what you wished, I hope that you will be able to make a new start for 2011. Either way, good luck!

Dear LJ

It has been over a month since I posted anything here. I have not been ignoring you. Well, not completely. I still come here and read my friends' entries when I have the time.

But there is so little of that these days.

Plus, even when I do have the time and the inclination, I do not have the words. The closest I came was a week or more ago when I put up a post and rapidly deleted it because after reflection, I decided that it was just not me.

I'm not breaking up with you. I guess I just need some space. I'll be around. But things are changing. My life is changing. I am changing.

When I get it all figured out, we can hang out again. Things will be great; I promise!

thanks for your patience,


sing us a song, you're the piano man

I think that I would like Facebook a bit more if I were able to make this userpic my icon there.

I wore one of my Santa hats yesterday. Not the floral print nor the one made for me. No, this one I bought last year. It is sparkly.

Today, I wore the floral print hat.

I have not begun playing Christmas music in my car; nor have I put it into the CD player at work. Nothing against it. I just have not felt the urge. The hats are enough for now.

To combat lurking loneliness and depression, I have been working extra hard on my studies. If I continue at this pace, I shall finish four training manuals by the end of December. After that only two shall remain.

If I completely burn myself out, I can finish it all by my birthday.

I am pretty sure that the latter would be a "bad idea." Not bad like a skinned knee. Bad like "no sleep and no dancing make Owen something-something." Bad like a film by Uwe Boll. Bad like a pineapple and anchovy pizza.

Sorry that this is not a funnier post. I'm a bit drained at the moment.

Oll raighth!

So it's my last day on backup for this rotation. The rest of this week, I will be up front and next week I will be on evenings.1 I feel ready for the change.

But more than that, I find myself thinking that it would be fun if I could get a group of people together here at Fermilab and convince them to shoot a video response to Prisencolinensinainciusol on the steps of Wilson Hall. Even better if I could get it partly filmed down the halls in low energy Linac, in the Main Control Room, in the atrium, and maybe around the Main Injector ring.

I need help, don't I?

I mean really. Where would I go from there? Flash mobs attempting to recreate Michael Jackson's Thriller by the lake?2 Teams of unicyclists labeled "proton" and "anti-proton" jousting each other on the Tev ring? Where would it end?

Such thoughts can only lead to madness. Madness, I say!

[1] Yes, that means that I will be working evenings on Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it's depressing. No, I'm not depressed, although I plan on avoiding the internet for most of that day, so please do not contact me with lists of what delicious food you had. I really will not want to hear it. I console myself with the fact that working that night will pretty much pay for any Christmas gifts that I will buy.

[2] You know, just once I would like to see a movie where the zombies are temporarily disabled by Thriller, allowing most (but definitely not all) of the protagonists to escape.

The power of Owen COMPELS you!

No, I have no idea why I wrote that for a subject. Perhaps I have fallen under my own power. Sort of like Gonzo on the Muppet Show when he attempted self-hypnosis ... but hopefully with fewer falling pianos.

I spent the weekend in Columbus. One of these days, I hope to have a weekend which does not involve working, traveling, or illness. Perhaps that weekend will be this one. Anything is possible.

I am pretty sure that I will have a banjo soon. I think that the first thing that I will learn to play is pretty predictable if you know me. No, not Dueling Banjos, although I will learn that eventually. The Rainbow Connection, of course! After that, I'll probably start working on "Man of Constant Sorrow" or John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom." I can already do a decent harmonica version of it. Some slide banjo added in would be pretty sweet.


I think that next Hallowe'en, I will dress up as Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem. Either that or Lord Bowler from the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Apparently, I am in a Julius Carry mood.

Things I have discovered recently:
  • (Rotating Shift + End of Daylight Savings + Change in weather + almost no time off in over a month) x Co-workers infected with viruses = Please, please, please let me just crawl into a hole and die!

  • The Fermilab cafeteria can not make jambalaya ... however, they do make a passable chicken gumbo.

  • I have always wondered what English sounds like to foreigners. Now thanks to this music video, I have a better idea. Stupid LJ-embed still does not work for me, so here is the link. What English Sounds Like to Foreigners.

    I have made some other decisions of late. I have been running for the past month to increase my stamina. I am going to run the Chicago Marathon next year. I will sign up at the end of this week, so that I can't back out.

    I am going to teach myself to play banjo. I have always wanted to learn to play it. Even longer than wanting to play guitar. My father however refused to allow me to learn because it was too stereotypical. He worked very hard to make sure that I would never grow up to be limited by what other people saw in me. But I'm an adult now. And I still want to learn. So sometime soon, I shall buy a five string, learn the tuning and begin teaching myself to frail. I am especially interested in learning to play the blues on the banjo since so few people use that instrument for that style.

    And I want to show my dad that this physicist can also be a dreadlocked,* banjo-playing mulatto and still have the respect of the people around him.

    I have broken things off with a couple of the women in my life. In neither case were things serious. They were just people who would occasionally go on dates with me when one or the other of us were lonely.

    One, I realized recently, was nothing but a rebound. A crutch. I was just using her to get over someone else. She told me that she had been aware of that the whole time and that it did not bother her. She said that we did not have to stop seeing each other. I disagree; I do not like using people, even unintentionally. And I certainly do not like needing a crutch. I want to stand on my own two feet.

    The other woman was never willing to give a straight answer about us. I do not mind just having fun. I do not mind being something more. But I do not like being in limbo.

    Oh. And I think I need to get back into playing with electronics in my "spare" time. It has been far too long since I have built anything neat. A trip to Radio Shack for supplies is in order!
    [*] No, I do not have dreadlocks yet, but I will probably start working on them again within a month or two if I decide to grow them again.

Doctor, Doctor! Give me the news!

I am sick of this cold.

Monday night/Tuesday morning I called off work because I could feel the cold coming. I felt a little guilty, after all my crew is short-handed. Still they have left me high and dry pretty often and I really needed the rest.

Wednesday I felt mostly better and Thursday I felt pretty much fine. I worked backup on Thursday without a problem. Yesterday though, the cold hit me full force and all I could do all day long was sleep. It's all that I want to do today. But today is another work day. A twelve hour one and I really need the money.

So here I am. My body is dragging like Linus' blanket. I am tired. I am achey. I just want to curl beneath a blanket, watch old movies, and drink hot cider and eat chicken soup.

At least I have plenty of OJ with me at the moment.

On a completely different note, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be doing an extra special performance soon. They found a copy of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho without the score. They will be showing the movie and performing the music in the background! Oooh! Tempting! I wonder if I can find anyone to go see it with me ...

Closer to Fine

I want to write something here. I need to write something here. I have no idea what, though.

It is not so much that nothing is happening in my life. I am content with the content. I know my rudder, the sail, the currents and the breeze; I know where I am headed and how to make course adjustments.

There is little to no drama.

Sure, there are annoyances. And yes, there are changes out of my control which I would enjoy ... but I am not really concerned about them at the moment. I have other goals. I have other hopes and dreams and sources of happiness.

When did my life become an Indigo Girls song?

I finally got to watch the end of the first series of the Eleventh Doctor. Yes, I know that I am way behind the times. I have been busy. My verdict? I like him. As much as Doctors Ten, Four, Five, and Three? Not yet, but give him time. It took me more than a single series to fall for Ten.

I adore Rory. His loyalty. His befuddled sweetness. Not so bright, but still true blue. Not to mention the fact that he prevents Amy from devolving into another love-struck companion in the pattern of Rose and Martha.

Don't get me wrong. I like Rose. And Martha. But my favorite time with Ten was the Donna phase, when romance was not even on the menu.

On a related note, Steven Moffat has completely hooked me. Not only has he written my favorite episodes of the most recent Doctors. Not only did he write Coupling (a fine and fun show.) But he is doing Sherlock, a show which very well might become my favorite program. The pilot was amazing. It was homage. It was original. It was true to its inspiration. It was grounded in today. It was everything that I could have asked for in an update. I really hope that they bring in the Baker Street Irregulars. I started watching the second episode last night on PBS.com, but had to stop because I needed to come to work today.

OK. That should do for now. I can try to write more later. Or tomorrow. We shall see.

don't forget to read the alt-text

Definitely have not had time to post anything lately. Kind of down about that. But on the other hand, here is a cool xkcd comic that is completely unrelated to my work ... or is it? Glass
Hey! Remember when I quipped about outliving all of my friends?

Yeah. Good times.

Apparently, T-Rex of Dinosaur Comics had a similar idea albeit more diabolical.

I am going to have to save the universe just to prove that I am not a mass murderer, aren't I?
Several times during the week, I have had things to write.

Sadly, this has not coincided with me having time to write.

Now, I am awake. I am in front of my laptop. I do not have to be anywhere until 4pm tomorrow ... and yet I cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to post on my journal. This hardly seems fair.

Was it about recent events my life? No. I am pretty sure it was not about any of that stuff. I do things. I go places. I work. I study. Good things happen. Bad things happen. Blah, blah, blah.

Was it about politics/religion/celebrity gossip? Um, no.

Was it another amusing conversation between my brain, stomach, and other organs? Quite possibly, but I guess we will never know. Besides, I cannot think of another one at the moment.

I suppose that I shall just have to devour some chocolate, brush my teeth, and go to bed.

Darn you, earworm!

So, as I said before, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is stuck in my head. It was definitely in my mind as I was bopping about in the back room, cleaning my desk when suddenly one of my co-workers sidled up to me, looked deep into my eyes with a look of mock-incredulity and said, "oh, really?" I was confused for a second until I realized two things.

1) I had just passed the "I don't want to be friends" part of the song.
2) I had sung it out loud!

I stammered for a moment as she smiled at me, "you're cute when you blush." She caressed my cheek, spun on her heel, and walked away.


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